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How We Work Together

- Concept development
- Recording and editing
- Post-production and sound design
- Launch and promotion


- Podcast concept development
- Recording and editing
- Sound design and post
- Launch and promotion strategy


- High-quality podcast episodes
- Professional sound design
- Successful launch and promotion on your social media channels, website and podcast platforms

The Glass Ceiling

Dive headfirst into the empowering world of The Glass Ceiling, a podcast by our partner Wavebreaker Productions shattering stereotypes and celebrating South Australia’s phenomenal women leaders. Prepare to be inspired by their journeys of resilience, bold risks, and inspiring leadership that’s changing the game.

This season is your chance to connect with powerful stories, gain invaluable insights, and join a movement for positive change. 

This is your chance to connect with inspiring stories, gain valuable insights, and join a movement for positive change. Let The Glass Ceiling show you what’s possible!


The Fragments Podcast

Unleash the ultimate bond with your furry best friend! The Pawfect Companion podcast by our Partner Wavebreaker Productions dives deep into the fascinating world of dogs. We connect you with pawsome experts – vets, trainers, groomers, and even animal behaviorists – to unlock the secrets to understanding your dog’s needs and build a truly fulfilling relationship.
Become a dog whisperer, discover new ways to train and play, and learn to provide exceptional care – all tailored to your unique pup. Subscribe and embark on this incredible journey to create a happy, healthy, and pawfect life together!

Our Video Podcast Partner


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