Hi, I'm Johanna

I’m on a mission to empower business entrepreneurs to attract their ideal clients and seize amazing opportunities. How? By helping them showcase their authenticity, passion, genuine care, and love for what you do.

Johanna is a Marketing and Branding specialist and the founder of Jobloom, an Australian digital marketing business dedicated to supporting small businesses.

With over half a decade of experience across various industries like construction, healthcare, insurance, technology, and education, Johanna have honed her skills in branding, events, social media, and digital marketing.


What sets Johanna apart?

Her genuine care for others and her unwavering authenticity, resilience, and passion. These qualities have not only shaped her professional journey but also her personal life in Australia.

Originally from Colombia, Johanna moved to Australia over 10 years ago with a dream to succeed and help others. Her  journey has been fueled by a deep love for marketing and a commitment to sharing her knowledge and passion with fellow business owers.

Jobloom Values

Transparency: We are transparent in our work with our clients and aim to build win-win relationships.

Integrity: We base our relationships with our clients on respect and trust.

Passion: Everything we do is driven by passion and love, and we encourage our clients to showcase that passion and love through authentic brands.

Authenticity: Embrace your true self, be bold, and stay genuine, regardless of others’ opinions.

Responsiveness: We provide quality and personalised service to our clients.



I absolutely believe in the power of conversation, and I would love to hear from you!